Sunday, 29 January 2012


This has been a busy time for me. At work, I'm preparing for students visiting for the next few months and at home I'm desperately trying to declutter and tidy my flat. I'm a terrible hoarder and so it's hard for me to part with all my back issues of Spirit and Destiny and old clothes!

As far as my spiritual side goes, I always do a big cleansing ritual around my home with my besom and incense. I imagine all negativity as a cloud of black smoke flowing out of the windows. I go around each window and door drawing the sign of a pentacle with salt water for protection. It takes a while but I always feel glad I've done it.

I really love Imbolc. Although I don't get down in the winter, I definitely look forward to the longer days and the promise of spring to come. I know that Imbolc means 'in the belly' and if you look round there are so many signs that new growth is on its way. There are snowdrops growing near me in Packwood and I've taken part in the RSPB birdwatch this weekend, watching lots of garden birds visit my feeders! I've also been reading Shadows at Stonewylde by the wonderful Kit Berry, as this contains a description of how the Stonewylder celebrate Imbolc.

On Tuesday night (Imbolc eve) I'll put out a cup of water and my Imbolc cloth for healing throughout the year. I'll leave my Imbolc dolly out too and bring her in in the morning. On Wednesday I'll do some healing for those I know need it, and ask for the Goddess as Brighid to bless my hopes for 2012. I've also written a chant that I'll use to raise energy.

Blessed Imbolc to everyone )O( x

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Twitching the time away

I had to get back on this blog today. Firstly, I've been following the amazing Kit Berry as she returned to her Blog Moongazy Girl which I've really enjoyed reading. Also today was the first day I've been out birdwatching since my dad became ill at new year.

I'm really lucky to have two wonderful, nature loving parents. As kids we always went off on holidays around the UK and Dad always had a pair of 'bins' around his neck. We were taught to walk quietly around the woods otherwise we wouldn't see anything - certainly a challenge for 3 young girls who liked to chat! But we loved it all the same. Mum and Dad joined the Wildlife Trusts of Warwickshire and Worcestershire last year and in the autumn I started to go with them on a Sunday morning. I've also been sketching some of the birds to get to know them (more of this next time).

Sadly, Dad had a heart attack on 2nd January and had to have a stent put in (like Prince Philip!) It's knocked his confidence and he's been at home trying not to over exert himself ever since. So today's twitching was a real boon for him. We only stayed in one hide and were back for lunch. The Goddess was with us I think as the sun shone down and we saw the following:

5 bullfinches, 12+ green finches, reed bunting, dunnock, great tits, blue tits, long tailed tits, robins, moorhen, coots, great crested grebes, curlew, cormorants, grey lag geese, black headed gulls, mute swan and 2 heron! We also got an amazing sight of a greater spotted woodpecker on a feeder.

I hadn't been in a while and had to get back into my bird guide to locate them all. It got me thinking about how sometimes it's the easy option to sit at home on the sofa. Dad has a good excuse but some evenings and weekends I do find myself sitting on the sofa with the TV or laptop for company. I know it makes me lethargic and it creates a bit of a vicious cycle as I talk myself into being too tired, or too cold or mostly that I've been out all week at work and I need some time at home.

It really has been such a lovely morning and good 'soul food.' I feel like sometimes I miss out on life in the big outdoors. Hopefully, this is something I can change as Imbolc approaches!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Yule Goddess decoration

Ok, so I finally finished my Goddess decoration. I already made one last year using different coloured felt but I found some red felt and some silvery thread at the bottom of my sewing box. They are really easy to make.

All I did first was draw out a template on paper of a 'goddess' shape. I've tried Google but couldn't find one I liked so did it free hand. Draw around the shape twice onto felt and cut out. Then have a go at embroidering a design on the body and the arms. I was inspired by this one though I've done others in the past with a triple moon symbol or a pentacle. I also used some beads from an old top (the ones that come in a little bag on new clothes!). Then use overcasting stitches to sew together, leaving a small hole to put stuffing into (I used old rags and felt off cuts). I then sewed a length of ribbon on top to hang on the tree.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Yule's on its way!

I seem to be surrounded in life by quite a few moaners - not necessarily pagan people I add. They can't stand the dark nights, they are cold, they don't like the dark mornings, they hate the run up to Christmas. I have to wonder what these kind of people do look forward to. I don't believe that there are 'winter' people and 'summer' people, though I absolutely hate the heat and much prefer autumn and winter. I think as a pagan, I know that we are on an ever turning wheel. As soon as Lammas arrives, I know that we are on a downward spiral towards darker times.

I read an article recently that describes the period between Lammas and Imbolc as a time of misrule - the dark nights mean a time of womblike quiet and reflection. I kind of like that! I'm off to the Stonewylde rally again in May where we're all organising a big craft fair with plenty of stalls for homemade wares. I love the idea of us all crocheting, sewing and making in the cosy winter evenings ready to bring out our wares in the spring and summer. Why should we mourn the loss of the sun and it's light and warmth? We have so much time now to snuggle inside, be with our families and take up our hobbies and crafts.

I'm currently torn between the consumerism of my very traditional (Cof E) family and my pagan life. For my family, I buy the usual cards, wrapping paper and gifts or vouchers. I think if I didn't my mother especially would be a little disappointed and offended. She always prefers a bought card over handmade, I'm afraid! However, my pagan pals are going to receive a whole host of gifts, details to follow!